A brief history of rock music

Should You Become a Rock Fan?

All the loud noises, drums and guitar? No thanks, I am good with my pop. If you are one of these people, then you must be Judging the Book by its Cover. Rock music means way much more than it sounds. Following we are giving you some reasons to Download Rock mp3 Songs free to listen from our collection.

These People are for Real

You will never see a Rock artist shouting his name loud at the start of the song. This is something way different from what we see at other genres. The fact is, this is an egotistical trend for pop singers who don't even write the songs they are singing and making money from. Moreover, Rock singers don't care to flash some designer labels or wear any thick gold jewelry while they have mixed race girls. These people don't like to act like God just because they have been chosen to perform something.

They are committed to what they do

This is one obvious reason to Download Rock mp3 Songs free and listen to them because Rockstars don't collaborate with five trendy flavors of month artists on each of their song that will do nothing else but recite two lines time after time. Surprisingly, Collaborating doesn't even mean to write anything at all. One thing that the avid listeners love about these people is they are not much in advertisement or publicity stunts to sell their music. We never see bands like Metallica, Tool, and Disturbed getting on shows like pop stars to promote their upcoming albums. Fun fact here is, Rockstars even if they don't put much effort into advertisement ends up selling more albums than other artists. This is only because they are true to their listeners, and a reason you should become one.

They Do Their Own Work

Music Industry is not for those who work hard, no it's for people who have money in their name. Once a singer gets multiple hits, he comes to a sensation and then tries to beg people to buy his music, so he remains on the top. While at it, the star has different people to write lyrics for him, compose the music while all he needs to do is sing it. Now this is completely different when it comes to Rock Singer, Rock people write their own songs, take Linkin Park and Metallica for example. These artists start up and make on their own. Plus rock is for people in a room which creates music with instruments. This is a craft, and it only can be done with talent. These people don't have factory made hits like pop and R&B.

These Guy Let their Music Work for them

This is true, you won't see Rock Music Artists blast their mugs on the cover of their album, no they have proper artwork for it. In addition, they let their music to do the talking for them, not their outfits. These people are intelligent and articulate, and they sing about other things instead of designer things, women, girl, and prostitutes. If you don't please use, Download Rock mp3 Songs free from below and try it.

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