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Chauhar Music Review

Introduction Chauhar, the movie, you will agree with me that it has been the talk of the town over the past month ever since its release. There is always a key note that when a movie is well accepted, then it shows that the soundtracks used in the film also . . . Read more

Alif Music Review

Introduction Alif movie has been the talk of the past month. It is a movie that has been done in a very unique way. Pawan Tiwari and Zaigham Imam who are the producers of the film did an amazing job by making sure that the musical part of the film . . . Read more

Jolly LLB 2 Music Review

Introduction If you can remember the good music that you enjoyed during the Jolly LLB release some years back, then for sure you will not at all forget this new experience. I love the fact that we have Akshay Kumar who has done very credible works in the past. They . . . Read more Music Review

Introduction This is a Bollywood music album that has been produced for usage in the film that has been stealing the shows ever since it was released. Just like the film, the musical album is something that you will always look up to. It has the best of the styles . . . Read more

Irada Music Review

Introduction If you have managed to watch the Irada movie, then probably you have some formed mindset when you hear of the Irada musical album. I will say that it is an amazing album with the songs that are soothing and reach straight to the heart. Neeraj Shridhar is the . . . Read more

Wedding Anniversary Music Review

Wedding Anniversary: Judging from the title of the album, you will sure have some mindset and a picture of romantic related songs. Abhishek Ray is the person who has composed the music for the entire Wedding Anniversary movie. It is generally a combination of rock music, dance tracks and also . . . Read more

Force 2 Music Review

Force 2 is the music album that has been composed by GourovRoshin musically and directed by none other than AbhinayDeo. If you have managed to listen to the Force that was produced in 2011, then you will easily relate this to the former album. It is an album that is . . . Read more

Dear Dad Music Review

Dear Dad Music Review: Yes, just as the name suggest, it is an album I am sure you will be willing to listen to. It is that album that contains songs with bittersweet lines. I like the poetic aspect and style that the songs have been done. You can easily . . . Read more

Housefull 3 Music Review

Housefull 3 Music Review: This is an album that has been produced under the T-Series Music label. The music has been done with several artists that include Mika Signh, SohailSen, TanishkBagchi and Sharib-Toshi. For those of you who are party lovers, then this is the best album for you. It . . . Read more

Closer The Chainsmokers Music Review

Closer The Chainsmokers Music Review: Closer is a single music that has been produced under the Disruptor/Columbia music Label. It is sang by two artists who come together just to make sure that the best is produced for the fans. Halsey and The Chainsmokers are the people I am talking . . . Read more

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  • .LOTTE DUTY FREE7 First KissesENG#4 Ji Chang Wook “Till the End of the World”

    This mp3 song or media ".lotte duty free7 first kisseseng#4 ji chang wook “till the end of the world”" released on 15-12-2016 and added by LOTTE DUTY FREE
  • 4 Hour Study Music: to Help Focus, Concentration, Work, and Relaxation

    This mp3 song or media "4 hour study music: to help focus, concentration, work, and relaxation" released on 18-05-2015 and added by Study Music Project - Music for Studying
  • Mahler Symphony No. 4

    This mp3 song or media "mahler symphony no. 4" released on 14-04-2012 and added by Kim Cul Deok
  • Beethoven - Symphony No. 4Proms 2012.

    This mp3 song or media "beethoven - symphony no. 4proms 2012." released on 26-07-2012 and added by Mandetriens
  • ❤ 4 HOURS ❤ Baby sleep music LULLABY for Babies to go to sleep Baby LULLABY songs go to sleep

    This mp3 song or media "❤ 4 hours ❤ baby sleep music lullaby for babies to go to sleep baby lullaby songs go to sleep" released on 01-03-2015 and added by Lullaby World
  • .hms - Symphony No. 4Carlos Kleiber / Wiener Philharmoniker.

    This mp3 song or media ".hms - symphony no. 4carlos kleiber / wiener philharmoniker." released on 19-03-2015 and added by Trebonis
  • Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

    This mp3 song or media "four seasons ~ vivaldi" released on 30-01-2011 and added by AnAmericanComposer
  • 4 hours Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music-Long Playlist

    This mp3 song or media "4 hours peaceful & relaxing instrumental music-long playlist" released on 05-02-2014 and added by utopiansounds
  • Beyoncé - Year of 4

    This mp3 song or media "beyoncé - year of 4" released on 01-07-2011 and added by beyonceVEVO
  • Chronologie 4 - Jean Michel Jarre

    This mp3 song or media "chronologie 4 - jean michel jarre" released on 20-05-2008 and added by Matthijs van baardewijk

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