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Saansein Music Review

Saansein Music Review: Vivek Karr is the music composer behind these romantic album that emulates some horror aspects. Listening to the songs in this album, do bet that you will easily get emotional. I do feel that the composer made sure that it hit the romantic scene like no other. . . . Read more

Force 2 Music Review

Force 2 is the music album that has been composed by GourovRoshin musically and directed by none other than AbhinayDeo. If you have managed to listen to the Force that was produced in 2011, then you will easily relate this to the former album. It is an album that is . . . Read more

2016 The End Music Review

2016 The End is a great album that has been composed by Faizan Hussain and Agnel Roman. Generally the album is about the four young people who are caught up in the situations that are wanting. It is an album where we have a series of flow of events throughout . . . Read more

Dear Dad Music Review

Dear Dad Music Review: Yes, just as the name suggest, it is an album I am sure you will be willing to listen to. It is that album that contains songs with bittersweet lines. I like the poetic aspect and style that the songs have been done. You can easily . . . Read more

Tum Bin 2 Music Review

Tum Bin 2 Music Review: Ankit Tiwari and Nikhil Vinay are the composers behind Tum Bin 2 music album. It is an album that I have been waiting for some time now ever since I heard my friends talk about it. To those people who are always into love things, then . . . Read more

Cabaret Music Review

Cabaret Music Review: This is another music album that is produced under T-Series Music Label. One thing that I love about this album is the fact that it takes you back to the past days when the likes of desi jazz were the talk of the day. I like also the . . . Read more

Housefull 3 Music Review

Housefull 3 Music Review: This is an album that has been produced under the T-Series Music label. The music has been done with several artists that include Mika Signh, SohailSen, TanishkBagchi and Sharib-Toshi. For those of you who are party lovers, then this is the best album for you. It . . . Read more

Waiting Music Review

Waiting Music Review: It is yet another charming album produced under the Zee Music Company. The music that was done by Mikey McCleary is just amazing. When I was listening to the trailer, it give me very huge imaginations and had in mind what to expect when it is released. . . . Read more

Closer The Chainsmokers Music Review

Closer The Chainsmokers Music Review: Closer is a single music that has been produced under the Disruptor/Columbia music Label. It is sang by two artists who come together just to make sure that the best is produced for the fans. Halsey and The Chainsmokers are the people I am talking . . . Read more

Veerappan Music Review

Veerappan Music Review: T-series are the ones who have done this album. It is a great album even though I had issues here and there. Listening to the individual songs, I had a feeling that the tracks were for sure misplaced. I do feel that it could have been something better. . . . Read more